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    Akg headphones wireless ear buds - wireless ergonomic earbuds headphones

    FiiO X1-II Media Player -The  ’second gen’ X1-II player / DAP from FiiO now includes wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, a tidy touch scroll wheel, improved DAC and headphone amp circuitry. Our digital MVP of the year. Read more... Audio-Technica M40X- The little brother of the famous M50X monitoring headphones, the M40X gets extremely close to the great sound and isolation of the M50 at a fraction of the price. Read more...   Sennheiser HD 4.30- Excellent new over-ear headset headphones with detachable cable and the plushest earpads this side of an Italian leather couch. This smartphone-ready line of Sennheiser headset cans seriously ups the ante for killer sound quality, durable build and superb fit under $100. Read more... Sennheiser HD 2.20 S - The slim-profile HD 2.20 S is a featherweight on-ear headset headphone with a single-button mic ready for any smartphone. Superior wearing comfort and highly ergonomic design at a truly great price. Read more... Sennheiser HD 2.30- The HD 2.30 is a slim-profile, very lightweight on-ear headset headphone featuring a 3-button mic ready for your smartphone. Designed for maximum portability at the lowest cost, the HD 2.30 sound, fit and build quality are excellent for the price / category. Read more... Grado SR80e- A truly classic well-priced open-back headphone, the Grado SR80e continues to thrive as one of the very best ’entry level’ headphones that will only cost you a single benjamin. Read more...   Shure SRH 440 - Perhaps the best audio ’bang-for-the buck’ sealed-back headphone available under $100, the SRH 440 sound is clear, deep and tight with a strong construction design and solid ambient noise isolation. Read more... Sennheiser Momentum In-Ears - The upscale Momentum full size headphone sound brought down to affordable in-ear headphones. The Momentum in-ears have a very comfortable shallow fit style and terrifically detailed musicality for your Apple device. Now available in Black/Chrome color. Read more...   AudioQuest Dragonfly Amp/DAC Black- It’s hard to find a quality ’audiophile-level’ amp/DAC near $100 bucks but the Dragonfly Black is all the above and then some. Easy plug & play design works with any laptop or PC to transform your computer’s USB output into a marvel of sound ready for your best headphones. Read more...

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